Mr Denton On Doomsday
Mr Denton On Doomsday Lyrics provoke thought and music that isn't afraid to take chances. The reckless combination of musical styles seamlessly woven together, create a unique sound unheard in this era of corporate rock. Mr Denton have performed with many national recording artists including The Misfits, Nonpoint, Skindred, Adema, Sponge, Six (featuring members of Cypress Hill), Egypt Central, and Scum of the Earth (featuring Riggs, ex-guitarist Rob Zombie). In Sept of 2008 Mr Denton's song "Karo" was added to the rotation on over 400 Internet Radio Stations. Mr Denton On Doomsday have performed at such legendary venues as The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Planet Rock in Battle Creek, the infamous I-Rock in Detroit, and Harpos America's largest concert theater. With a loyal, ever-growing fan-base, a full length album due mid-summer, and a national tour to follow in August, it's clear that Mr Denton On Doomsday are here to stay. Mr Denton On Doomsday includes vocalist Travis in addition to members Fate (guitar, vocals), Bush (bass), Ben Sawyer (violin), and Benjamin Walnut (drums). Although these diverse band mates cite King Crimson, Black Sabbath, Queens Of The Stone Age and many others as influences, they create a sound unique unto themselves. Mr Denton On Doomsday is known for clever, insightful lyrics touching on the world of politics as well as personal conflicts and the degradation of rock music as a whole.

With a base in metal and a foot in the door of funk, it's hard to pigeon-hole Mr Denton On Doomsday into one particular music style. Whether it's the soulful blues soloing of Fate, the wah-wah induced funk of Bush's bottom line, or the syncopation of erratic drums beats, each member brings something different to a band not content to settle for less. Their love for the music is evident in every note of every song, and every drop of blood or sweat left on stage. If given the opportunity to see Mr Denton On Doomsday live, then do one thing: Don't miss it!