Musical Chairs
Musical Chairs Musical Chairs is an experimental free-flow improvisation collective which centers around one goal: the non-stop creative search for excitingly new, beautiful music. Anything can happen as virtually all musical genres are eagerly explored and originally woven together in ways no one could have ever foreseen. In fact, Musical Chairs is about Amazement itself: the musicians and singers continuously surprise themselves, for they too can never predict what they will find or create. Everything 'just happens' in the same way it 'just happens' to the people in the audience, who are witnessing the very process of creation itself. Order out of chaos, constantly changing, dynamic in volume, rhythm and tempo, ups and downs, for better or for worse. The unpredictable, the improbable (luck, destiny or what?!) plays a vital part in their music: the element of surprise. Musical Chairs meet their audience not knowing what will come, while being just about to find out… Together. By carefully listening and responding to each other, the collective invites and invokes Magic to show itself. By ' going with the flow' the music leads a life of its own…

"Playing musical chairs" is also a metaphorical way of describing any activity where items or people are repeatedly and usually pointlessly shuffled among various locations. It can also refer to a condition where people have to expend time searching for a resource, such as having to travel from gasoline station to gasoline station when there is a shortage. It is also used to refer to political situations where one leader replaces another, only to be rapidly replaced in turn due to the instability of the governing system. - Wikipedia

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