Asparagii Members:

Mike Bielarczyk (Guitar, Vocals, Keys)
Jay Bielarczyk (Guitar, Vocals, Keys)
Marc Eaton (Drums, Vocals, Percussion)

Asparagii is a New Wave, "Jam Band" from southeastern Wisconsin which features Avant-Garde musical improvisation served on a plate of original compositions and hand picked covers. With their exceptional songcraft and propensity to cross genre boundaries, every show is incomparable to the next. While managing to win over new comers and maintaining the loyalty of their fans, Asparagii continues to radiate an immense amount of energy engaging listeners in an emotionally uplifting experience; taking them on an adventure without leaving the room. In addition to their Live Music Phenomena, the three piece has even been known to play games, such as Simon Says, with their audience, including them as part of the show.

Asparagii has captivated audiences at venues around the Midwest such as; The Abbey, Goose Island, Underground Lounge, Elbo Room, Red Line Tap, The Brat Stop, The Frequency, The Rave, The Wildlife Refuge, and many more. They’ve performed along side bands like; The Big Wu, Umphreys McGee, Cosmic Railroad, Terry n the Front, Richard Cranium, Delta 9 Band, Roster McCabe among many others. The three piece has also entertained at many festivals including; Fungus Fest (2009, 2010), SRIM Fest (2011), Harvest Fest (2008, 2009, 2010), Hoe Down (2008, 2009, 2010), Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering (2011), Abominable Snow Ball (2008), Folk Off (2009), as well as hosted and set up their own Festivals and Special Events including; New Years Eve (2009, 2010), Log Jam (2009-2010 ), Earth Day Celebration (2011), 4th of July Fest (2008, 2009, 2011), and Burning Jam (2008).


Pre 2007-
Jay and Mike Bielarczyk performed together numerous times throughout the years, but it was after a particular gig at the Showboat Theater in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, when they decided to unite. The two cousins tossed their musical skills, ideas, and some of their finest ingredients into a bag, kicked it around a bit, threw it in the microwave, and out came ~Asparagii.

Oct. 2007 to Aug. 2010-
Asparagii first unfolded as a two piece, folk, reggae band, captivating audiences with their feel good, acoustic, homey sound. Continuing to evolve and shape the band, Jay and Mike began indulging in effects, keyboards, and occasional loops. During this time, the two cousins explored their ground, found their niche, and began writing many of the songs they still play today.

Aug. 2010 to Present-
It wasn't until a particular gig on August 27, 2010 at Stevens in Gurnee, IL, when Marc Eaton officially joined the band creating the very backbone needed to successfully escape the boundaries of a traditional Local Band. As a three piece, Asparagii started out offering a unique approach to folk reggae, with a jammy rock, blugrassy, space funk feel. Constantly tweaking their sound, the band evolved into the "New Wave, Jam Band" they are today. Mike and Jay upgraded to their electric guitars (still occasionally using their acoustics) and began using effects to simulate the bass. Now with the addition of Marc, reinforcing them with tight and progressive percussion, you get a recipe for an innovative, fresh new sound, anyone could easily find them self moving their hips to. Not only does Marc add his own personality to the mix, but he takes the Guitar Duo to new heights allowing them to take you places only imaginable before. Continuing to evolve, the three compliment each other on stage radiating an immense amount of energy, managing to win over new comers and maintaining the loyalty of their devoted fans. Asparagii continues to engage listeners in an emotionally uplifting experience; taking them on an adventure without leaving the room. From uplifting melodies with dark haunting lyrics, to funky bluegrass jingles with enchanting falsetto, they will certainly keep you guessing at every show.