Agents of Karma
Agents of Karma Agents of Karma was formed by Jay Cavanaugh and Conrad Sparnroft to fill what they saw as a void in the music scene. A. O. K. quickly gained a reputation in New York City for high energy live shows, dynamic musicianship and eclectic non formula song writing. The addition of energetic drummer Patrick (Paddymike) Conlon who along with his acoustic drum kit brought in sampling and additional background vocals, made the current line up complete. Paddy Mike brings a talent for arranging music from a nuts n bolts drummers perspective. Add to that plenty of touring, including trips overseas to europe and hundreds of gigs and recording sessions under his belt! Outside of music Paddymike's other passion can be summed up in 5 words... "Give Blood....Play Ice Hockey". Couple that with Conrad Sparnroft's arsenal of guitar processors, vast collection of amazing instruments and back ground of study with a who's who list of great guitarists like: Vinnie Zummo (Joe Jackson Band), John Berenzy, Steve Khan, Bill Connors, Dave Fuiczynski (Screaming headless torsos), Vernon Reid + Hiram Bullock, and you're off to a flying start. Conrad, a Scuba diving enthusiast also practices the martial art forms of Tai Chi Chaun, Tae Kwon Do, American Kickboxing, Wing Chun + Judo. And finally Jay Cavanaugh on Bass and Lead Vocals brings his art chameleon back ground into the mix to round it all out. Jay's interactions with the arts include: Painting, playing Bass with the 50's legends The Del Vikings, studying with Robert Fripps League of Crafty Guitarists, Stand up Poetry, Comedic acting in a comedy troupe, appearing in various Play's and Independent films to doing Voice Over work for Bill Plympton. He's also an ordained Minister of Music in the Church of Spiritual Humanism. An avid organic vegetable grower and alternative health advocate through diet + practice of Kundalini Yoga, Jay spends his down time monitoring politics through on-line platforms like TYT, Huff Post, Crooks + Liars,, Democracy Now + Current TV ! He is also an avid collector cool used basses.