Harriet Tweed
Harriet Tweed The story of Harriet begins in late summer of 2008 when she was merely a twinkle in Mr. Tweed's eye. Chris Lyso (formerly of 3 Man and Lunar Funk Theory) set out to create an original cross-genre band that fulfilled his stylistic desires and to develop something that is both entertaining to hear and entertaining to see. Chris was introduced to bassist Dan Finch (formerly of PJ Grinch- Phoenix, AZ) that summer and began catching him up on his ever multiplying catalog of songs where Dan quickly added his subtle yet unique low end accent. Shortly thereafter, along came Lance Douglas J. (formerly of Oscar Trip and Anubis Field). Lance's dirty vintage tone instantly allowed Chris to stretch even further outside the genre barriers. Only a few short weeks later, Lance introduced Matt Miller (formerly of Patient 957) with his wide open punk drive to the mix. It was decided that night that the lineup was complete and on September 13th, Harriet Tweed was born. Since her debut, Harriet Tweed has been raising ears, turning heads, and moving hips.