Press Play
Press Play In 1997, Matthew Barnett and the Dream Center joined forces with David Hanley to develop a new and exciting vision for music. This vision was to change lives with a positive and relevant voice. Press Play was established from the local community and across the nation, brought together by a common passion to see lives transformed.

In 2001, with the partnering of Angelus Temple and the Dream Center, Press Play began playing weekly in the historic 3,200-seat auditorium. David Hanley had the privilege of aiding in the design of the Temple with line-array speakers, 52-foot panoramic screen, LED stage panels, and a sound system to facilitate the band's huge sound.

A groundbreaking partnership began in 2007 between Foursquare International and the Dream Center paving the way for the launch of Dream Records. The vision of this label is to distribute a positive message worldwide through existing media outlets. Dream Record's first release will be Press Play's "Life is Beautiful" available MAY 19, 2009!