The Upset Victory
The Upset Victory "Storming in from Cincinnati, Ohio with all the power of a weighty sledgehammer, all-killer-no-filler, The Upset Victory. With ever-so-slight dashes of Thursday, Story of the Year, and Saves the Day in a their sonic recipe, these lads are on the cusp of a major "victory" indeed! Another spot-on-winner and stellar act from the heads in the know over at Take Over Digital!" -

We are The Upset Victory. Since our formation in early ‘06 we’ve played the Warped Tour, recorded two incredibly well received EP, signed with Take Over Digital, played with many national acts including A Wilhelm Scream (Nitro Records) and Four Year Strong (I Surrender Records/Decaydance Records), and completely taken over our hometown, Cincinnati, Ohio. The Upset Victory features Frank Hammonds (vocals/guitar), Jeremiah Kramer (guitar/vocals), Stephen Campbell (guitar/vocals), Spencer VanDerzee (bass/vocals), and Frank “fastest sticks in the Midwest” Harrison Jr. (drums/vocals). We play whatever feels most natural, but always push ourselves to make the tightest, most creative, and epic music possible.

“It’s like Thrice and Iron maiden had a bastard child with Motley Crue. They really have developed into a band that forces you to step back and take notice”, states Warren Cooke (Co-owner, Take Over Records) about the band’s new record. Currently, The Upset Victory is writing new material for our first full-length record. Expect a truly monumental tour soon thereafter!