The Rift
The Rift After years in the Baltimore MD music scene, Doug Fisher transplanted to Richmond VA and quickly became a regular at all the weekly open mics. Soon, he was invited to jam with what would become The Rift. With Holt Nicholas, Scott Gerry, Kevin Condrey and Eric Moore, the band was complete and quickly amassed a large repertoire of original and diverse music.They then started playing venues and festivals all over the metro Richmond area.

There were some initial lineup changes to be sure, as Scott, Kevin, and Eric moved on to other projects, but Doug Fisher and Holt Nicholas solidified their core, then added multi-instrumentalist Steve Tuzeneu. The lineup is now rounded out by the funky syncopated rhythms of Miles Kimbrough, who brings a style that leans on his years as a studied jazz drummer, and Kai Eason, who brings an old school R & B flavor to the bass.

All this collides in a wonderful cornucopia of genres. With twin guitars weaving in and out of each other, colorful harmonies, and a powerful rhythm section underneath, they have been called a cross between Jeff Buckley, DMB, Pearl Jam, Phish, and even the mighty Allman Brothers.