Backwoods Galaxy
Backwoods Galaxy We don't think it's enough to just sing some songs because you learned the words or wrote the words or you have a "sweet" voice. That smooth perfect pitch and cliche vibrato that singers use show just that and not much else. We want the world to hear the breaking point at which pure emotion spills forth. Not that we "lost it" but that an absolute plea is being projected with an attitude. Warm, keen, lofty, stressed, melancholy or gleeful. Dire or dancing, the story reveals the personality. Listen to Muddy Waters pine or Frank Zappa scold and dats what I'm talkin' about. Many of the traditional songs that we cover are often so obscure that people think they're our originals. "The history of American music has so many unsung heroes that I want to create that portrait before the image fades", says Kane