Hey You (Pink Floyd Tribute)
Hey You (Pink Floyd Tribute) HEY YOU(Pink Floyd Tribute) was created with the idea of taking the audience on a musical and visual excursion into the musical minds of one of the most provacative bands of all time-Pink Floyd. We create this musical and visual swirl by using Intelligent Lighting/Lasers/Fog/Props and an Intelligent Light enhanced Circular Screen with Multimedia video. To further enhance the music HEY YOU tours with 2-3 female backing vocalists and a Sax Player.

HEY YOU reviews both Album cuts and Live performance material to help create the live musical beauty that was Pink Floyd.

HEY YOU has the ability and experience to perform in any venue from Clubs to Large Theatres and Festival events.

HEY YOU is known for performing entire Pink Floyd Albums as they did on our Dark Side of NY Tour 2009 which brought us from Buffalo NY to Virginia performing the entire DSOTM album in large venues and Theatres.

Our 2010 Hey You Were Here Tour kicked off at the Riviera Theatre in Jan where they performed the entire DSOTM and WYWH albums in one evening-they even crashed a prop plane into the stage-what could be more Pink Floyd!

HEY YOU has also been known to recreate actual concerts and in May of this year they performed a re-creation show of Pink Floyd performing in the now demolished Buffalo Memorial Aud in 1973!

They also recreate the feel of Pink Floyd by having more than one lead singer. Pink Floyd had 3.

Hey You attempts to re-create the Pink Floyd experience by keeping the lead vocals accurate. If Roger sang it ...so does the bassist.. If David sang the song ... the guitarist does... You get the idea. Check out our press on this site to see what others have said about HEY YOU (A Tribute to Pink Floyd). I cant wait to see you on the road!