Winstrong It’s in the eyes. One can feel the vibes instantaneously. There’s something about the look emanating from his spirit as he is considering his words that belies an ancient Rastafarian spirit, the soul essence of who Winston van Ewyk, aka Winstrong the Soul Rebel is.

Born October 12, 1971 in a Suriname River village, Winstrong came up in a family of musicians.

His mother, Augustina Rensch was a school teacher who always took the time to sing falsetto in circle with family and friends. It was Augustine who influenced Winstrong early, encouraging him to sing and perform in front of anyone and everyone since before he could walk.

“My moms was the first to tell me I had special talent. She used to tell everyone, “Dis kid has something…watch dis…and I’d come up with songs and performances for dem. That was such a blessing; she gave me something to live up to.” He’s been singing ever since.

Flash forward to spring, 2007, and Winstrong is emerging into the spotlight with his upcoming album "Eye of the Storm," Winstrong fuses roots dancehall style with today's sophisticated R&B and Soul for an explosive sound that is already pleasing listeners worldwide. From the soul and dance vibes of "For Your Love," to the militant and uplifting sounds of his first single "Sounds of Guns," Winstrong illustrates the reality of everyday tough life into focus and promises a solution in Jah Rastafari.

Winstrong is currently based in Northern California, after spending the last couple of years in Hawaii recording records and performing. The Suriname singer was born into Rasta, and has a steady stream of conscious music emanating from the depths of his spirit. With his soulful voice, and an ultra high energy stage show, Winstrong has just what it takes to grab an audience and keep them engaged for hours.

Winstrong has performed with and is featured on compilations with some of the industry's best; from Capleton, Sizzla, Prince Malachi, Tony Rebel and Black Uhuru's Mikal Rose to Hip Hop Stars Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Warren G and the bay area's own Delinquents. Today's genre-centered music industry prefers easy categories, however, with Winstrong's roots based music, infused with dancehall and hip hop styles, he is able to clearly to defy those categories. Armed with his guitar, and strengthened by his lifetime study of Rastafari, Winstrong's music is inspirational, and he is ready to lead the evolution of Reggae Music.

The year 2007 is a very exciting one for Winstrong as it marks the year the artist will be breaking into the international market. Winstrong is more than ready to fly forward into the scene with two records on the way. Producer Ryan Daisley has put the finishing touches on the first album, "Eye of the Storm" at Shaolin Studios in Oakland. Look for the "Eye of the Storm” featuring Gift of Gab of Blackalicious, now released and available directly from this website.

Meanwhile, production is marching forward on three videos from the "Eye of the Storm" record, and logistics are underway for the 2007 Fall/Winter tour. Keep an eye out for Winstrong as he makes his way throughout the nation and the world!