Otis Heat
Otis Heat Otis Heat is trio from Portland Oregon, known for delivering energetic and animated live performances distinguished by warm danceable grooves, impassioned vocals, dirty rhythms, and high voltage analog instrumentation. For years they've been cultivating a unique sound centered around the songwriting prowess of Sean O'Neill (bass, vocals, editorial cartoons, beard, Maryland). Together with Mike Warner (guitar, Kansas City) and Scott Gervais (drums, Reno), O'Neill and Otis Heat have earned a reputation as a recognizable musical force throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their inspirations, educations, and motivations draw from a wide spectrum of musical influences, from the giants of jazz, to the soul of Nina Simone, to the honesty of Neil Young, to the ferocity of the 1990's grunge movement, to the proficiency of the British invaders. The result is a dynamic and ever-growing body of work which never fails to capture the imagination of its audiences.