Megasoid Megasoid started in the winter of 2006/2007 as a Montreal-based mobile sound-system making aggressive street-bass-remix music. For the following 3 years they spent their time playing their music out of vans, throwing amps in basements for live sets, lugging modular synths to rooftops and setting up big PAs under bridges and at after-hours spots transforming the format of the group from a 2-man Live P.A. setup to a long-distance writing partnership, presented as a 1-man mobile A.V. setup.

Moving from street/loft parties where they created thier signature sound to large capacity clubs (which they've occasionally been known to get kicked out of), Megasoid's 'Turbo Crunk' parties in Toronto and Montreal have become one of the livest and most notorious franchises in North America. In turn, Montreal has become one of the few cities with a legit scene for street-bass music, and is home to its own version of the new laptop beat sound being honed by friends in L.A., S.F., N.Y., Glasgow, Berlin and Japan.

Promoting for / remixing for / working exclusively with an A-list of producers and rappers from Europe and North America, Megasoid opened up the doors, making their club nights welcome home for performing producer friends worldwide, curating the first Canadian appearances of many electronic acts that are now seeing their first tastes of visibility. Megasoid remixes and mixtapes have garnished serious attention and praise from highbrow music critics and reputable DJs alike, and their illegal parties are legendary, check for such things as the internationally acclaimed "Bridge Burner" event for footage or photos. Their leaked tracks and remixes have built a serious anticipation for their first album, which is currently in the works. In the meanwhile, expect some of their legit remix work to surface, as well as a rap EP to be unearthed before their first album surfaces. In the meanwhile you can check out the two mixtapes they have released : "Tank Thong" and "Remix Runners' with material compiled from their live sets (you can download them by clicking the covers below).

"Song of the Year, 2007" - "Top 20 LPs of 2008" - Sasha Frere Jones (The New Yorker) "Best show of Pop Montreal 2008" - Spin