Bargrass Revival
Bargrass Revival This band started from nothing. It was the brainchild of The Ultimate Warrior. He came to me in a dream and said that there needed to be a band capable of taking down Hogan. I agreed. We quickly got to writing and pickin mandos and gits. Out came songs about whiskey, mama, and jesus. It was decidedly so. Bargrass Revival is now charting a course to take over the American bar scene. When we are finished here we will go to Canada. For now, Canada can go fuck itself. Our main influences include but are not limited to: Whiskey, Grass, Patrick Swayze, Beer, Oranges, Pizza, Jonny Cash's autobiography Cash by Jonny Cash, That time when David Copperfield walked thru the great wall of China, Fast and the Furious III Tokyo Drift, Cirque De Soliel, The Sun, Excitebike, Wax paper, Sheriffs, Mountains, Railway cars, www., and Sandy Koufax