Falling Blind
Falling Blind Falling Blind's sound can be defined as powerfully energetic, with melodic vocals backed by catchy guitar riffs. Falling Blind released their debut Self Titled EP in 2008, and has shared the stage with numerous notable acts, including Trust Company and the Dreaming.

Falling Blind was formed in Seattle in 2006 when a friend of Joe Koster & Mike Davidson introduced them to Clayton Marquiss. The final piece of the band, Si Katara, was added to the lineup shortly after.

Falling Blind released their debut EP in 2008, and toured the release the following summer. They have already developed a large fanbase with extensive exposure and a superb live show. Falling Blind will be releasing a live acoustic album with hopes of a December release, and they will also be entering the studio soon to start recording the debut full length album.