Kit & the Branded Men
Kit & the Branded Men Kit - AKA Christina Lopez has finally come into her own as a genuine honky-tonk country singer. Growing up as part of a large Mexican family in the Napa Valley, Christina became very familiar with the themes and real life heart and soul of real country music. And it influenced much of her life up to now. She began singing at an early age and was eventually encouraged to take her voice to the public. She started playing various open mike venues around the bay area which eventually led to her inaugural show at the 2nd annual Rockabilly Round-Up in Calistoga in October of 2006, where she stole the show amongst many more established and veteran bands. During this time she started making many appearances with Glen Earl Brown Jr. and the Dickens which included radio shows at KKUP and with great artists such as Dale Watson from Austin, Texas, Dale was particularly impressed with Christina’s genuine and natural delivery. With no formal training or study she began writing and composing original material during this period.

She eventually landed a spot as a singer in a project with Mike Walz and Jay Laude of the former rockabilly legends the Stillmen along with Mitch Polzak of Royal Deuces and Haywood's fame. She enjoyed the short time she played with the Sure-Fires but she knew that although she had a love for rockabilly that her true style was more in the country realm. She took some time to get her songs together and finally start her own project which brings us to today with Kit & the Branded Men. Mixing the old honky-tonk sound with her own style and a little rockabilly and some almost pop like songs for good measure. A four piece band which includes guitar twanger Darryl Pretto (lead guitarist for the bay area instrumental band The Porch Flies), the aforementioned Glen Earl Brown Jr on Bass and vocals and Jon Hunkiewicz from SF on Drums. This simple combination is showcasing her talents and a singer and songwriter and they recently recorded at the famous Wally Sound studios in Oakland, Ca.

Before she could even get one set of material she found herself in fast demand to play shows at several venues and annual events. Including a recent shows with the legendary Marti Brom from Texas and with Big Sandy and the fly rite boys. Almost through word of mouth and a relatively unspectacular myspace page. Her goal is not to pursue mainstream fame and fortune, but to share and enlighten the public at large with her non-homogenized, country-fied musical message from the heart.

Look for her, say hi and maybe even do a little 2 step. The future looks bright!