the Jungle Jazz Initiative
the Jungle Jazz Initiative Since forming in 2005, The Jungle Jazz Initiative has been hosting festivals and performing throughout New Jersey and New York. The group has never been bound to one genre of music, they are a fusion of the improvisational sensibilities found in jazz but deliver the sound and dexterity frequently found in the many forms of electronic based music. Their palette of influences include Squarepusher, Duke Ellington, Pandit Samir Chatterjee, James Brown, Ornette Coleman, & The Grateful Dead. Aside from regular performances in New Jersey and New York, JJI also hosts their own annual events. In 2007, with the partnership of Kids Camp, a non-profit organization that provides rural retreats and education to inner city kids, JJI helped to found the first annual EVOLVE Music and Arts Festival which headlined groups such as Swampadelica, Psylab, & Natural Breakdown. From this, JJI has positioned themselves as one of North New Jersey's premier bands and event organizers. JJI's philosophy revolves around the simple principle of making beautiful music for people's enjoyment. The band's personnel is Joe Biglin (keyboards), Jimmi Pink* (bass), Matt Engle (electro-acoustic percussion/effects), and M. Kyle Rowland (drums and cymbals). There is no doubt that this band will continue to flourish in the years to come, as their drive to make music is insatiable.