Big Metal Rooster
Big Metal Rooster This quintet from Lawrence, KS, is here to rock. Armed with their arsenal of original and cover tunes, they set the stage with a readiness that anything can happen at any time. They could be best described, simply, as an American improvisational rock band.

Big Metal Rooster's music is laid on a solid foundation built by Matt Miner's unique and powerful drumming and Andy Kroeker's ever-steady innovative bass playing. Guitarists Tom Fleming and Billy Wassung add to that their search and destroy interplay that is a force to be reckoned with. Dipping in and out of the musical fabric is keyboardist Grant Haun, who adds the necessary layers to tie it all together.

As a group they explore the light and dark realms of music as we know it. Their songs take on traditional elements borrowed from nearly every corner of the musical world. Combining their technicality, imaginative lyrics, and brilliant harmonies, Big Metal Rooster is sure to captivate any audience.