Pete Wernick & FLEXIGRASS
Pete Wernick & FLEXIGRASS Pete Wernick & FLEXIGRASS is a supercharged blend of bluegrass with classic jazz. Formerly known as the Live Five, the group blazes new trails every time they play, as young vibes master Greg Harris and hot clarinetist Bill Pontarelli trade licks with renowned banjoist Pete ("Dr. Banjo") Wernick, and the band's tight arrangements provide many surprises. Joan Wernick adds appealing vocals, ranging from soulful bluegrass to stylish jazz.

Surprising rule-based traditionalists is nothing new to Wernick. Based on a thorough knowledge of musical tradition, he has long followed the lead of important innovators by fusing compatible sounds and holding to his long-term motto, “If it sounds good, it must be good.”

FLEXIGRASS has performed from Carolina to California, and made two trips to Ireland. Fans from Béla Fleck to George Winston have sung its praises, and the press has reacted with words like: fundamentally futuristic, an amazing accomplishment, truly great, beguiling, instantly accessible, fantastic, wildly enjoyable, monster players. Give them a listen!