Brian Jordan
Brian Jordan Brian Jordan has always had a unique approach to making music, which is something that distinguishes him from most of today’s artists. Brian got his start performing original music via the Southern California underground rock scene with a band called "Daddy Longleggs". This eclectic and unconventional band pulled some of the largest audiences to date for a local band. The need for growth saw the demise of this project as Brian Jordan subsequently began his national touring career. Throughout the Nineties, Brian recorded and toured with various international reggae artists as well keeping pace with the groove-jazz scene happening at home in San Diego. And through that home-town connection, Brian met up with Karl Denson. Brian began performing with "Karl Denson's Tiny Universe" in April 1999. For over four years now, Brian has been helping KDTU keep the funk alive with his tasty, soulful and jazzy licks. Some of the pinnacles of Brian's career have been performing with James Brown and Dave Mathews at a sold out Madison Square Garden show and jamming with Lenny Kravitz and KDTU late night at Tipatina's Uptown in New Orleans. But, but the biggest highlight has been playing for all the music lovers throughout the world. Brian’s recordings reflect his varied and exciting adventures through the world of music. His trademark is being different, striking and good!