The New Cities
The New Cities The dance/electro and punk music genres have confined themselves for too long, the boundaries that once separated them have been shaken by a new band: The New Cities.

In the summer of 2005, six guys spent countless hours in a windowless basement rehearsal room and found themselves embarking on the beginning of something huge. Thus, The New Cities was born. With no distractions from the outside world the band labored to create their own brand of dance-punk, and their catchy vocal melodies combined with the intensity of the rhythm section and the groove of the two keyboards are proof that their dedication was not in vain. The New Cities unique sound is a union of fusions and blends: the subversive energy of punk, mixed with the sexy rhythms of dance/disco, and a dash electro clash.

In only six months, The New Cities have recorded their self-titled EP with Montreal producer Steve Nadeau (Vénus 3), toured five Canadian provinces, played sold out shows in their hometown Trois-Rivières, and have become a familiar name in the Toronto scene. These are the results of the non stop energetic hard work of the band’s members.

Their captivating sound caught the attention of Sum 41 producer Greig Nori, who is now managing the band and producing their new album. This is due to the impressive live performances and the exceptional professionalism The New Cities has shown resulting in them opening for many big name bands such as Simple Plan, Sum 41, Hedley, Mobile, Metric, Malajube, Princess Superstar, Faber Drive and Ill Scarlett to name a few.

The future holds opportunity, promise... and a whole lot of partying for The New Cities. Be sure to witness and experience the fresh musical sensation coming to a town near you!