Joe McGuinness
Joe McGuinness Joseph McGuinness is an Atlanta based folk blues musician. His incredible talent for fingerpicking and slide guitar work combined with his powerful soul-filled vocals and unique overall style, make for an amazing listening experience.

Joe has finally released the long awaited CD "From these seeds..." An album that shows, not only is Joe an awe inspiring live performer, but a very talented recording artist as well. A wonderful group of songs with some very special guest artists such as, Donnie McCormick (Legend/Eric Quincy Tate/Fat City Wildcats), Charlie Wooton (Charlie Wooton Project/ Zydefunk), Damien Lewis (Motor City Josh/Sean Costello), Julea Thomerson (Educator), and the late guitar badass, Sean Costello. Available Now!!!!

Once you experience the magic of Joe McGuinness you'll wonder why you didnt know about him before. Go see a show, support local music and leave a message at the beep....... Also Joe McGuinness has not sent out any mass blogs or posts for any reason..... Thanks very much...... Beep.