Bad Weather California
Bad Weather California THIS ISN’T NEXT LEVEL MUSIC. THIS IS STREET LEVEL MUSIC. “Great rehearsal guys! You guys remind me of the Grateful Dead!” This is how Daniel Johnston described Denver’s Bad Weather California after their first rehearsal as his backing band. They weren’t sure what to make of Daniel’s comment. Was that a compliment or an insult? Adam (guitars) finally got the nerve to ask, “So Daniel… Do you like the Grateful Dead?” “Oh yeah! I love the Dead! I used to go see them in Texas all the time. There were so many people dancing!”

But NO. Here’s how we see it: A punk band that doesn’t sound like one. A sound track to a made up movie about the summer you spent skateboarding, discovering drugs, going to the beach, falling in love... This is American music. Drawing on The Velvet Underground, John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band to the Minutemen and Black Flag, Bad Weather California is both timeless and classic yet forward-thinking and modern. “The songs should write themselves. The performances should look easy… As a kid, I used to have this intense nervous feeling when I would go watch punk bands play. Like anything might go down. Like it was unstable. I’m looking for that again. Striving for it,” explains guitarist/singer Chris BWC

(As written by Chris Swanson at Secretly Canadian/ St. Ives Records)(He said it not us!) “Bad Weather California -- the minute-men of the 2010s -- are taking misfit culture back to the streets. A working class band that’s clearly in it for life,”

In this fast paced world of cyber-culture, where bands have a shelf life of about as many months as they have paid the publicist for, Bad Weather California carry on in the spirit of earlier, punk legends that paved the way and inspired us all so many years ago.