Ol' Flat Top -- UNcovering the Beatles
Ol' Flat Top -- UNcovering the Beatles This Saturday will feature the debut of "Ol' Flat Top", an original all instrumental interpretive Beatles experience consisting of Mike DeEmedio (rhodes/hammond), Scott Bernstein (guitar), and Alan Goodman (drums). Some of you may have seen us at Ranchita Rocks under the moniker "Heather Mills' Wooden Leg" and others might have seen us dubbed as "The OBeatles" from Frankel's Halloween bash, and along with yet another new name we also have a lot of new tunes to debut.

So how is this "original" if all we play is the Beatles?

1) We are all instrumental so the singing will take place in your head
2) We are only a trio and have thus replaced Paul with Mike's left hand
3) We get inside the songs and take them places they have never gone before while still remaining true to the song itself