Nevermind: Nirvana Tribute
Nevermind: Nirvana Tribute Based in Chicago Illinois... Nevermind is a 3-piece tribute to one of rock history's most well known grunge band: NIRVANA. This trio is a veteran group that originally formed in 1991 during the rise of the Seattle "grunge quake". Nevermind has gained status as one of the most highly acclaimed Nirvana Tributes across the U.S. and beyond. This touring show has the sound, the feel, and the look of Nirvana complete with stage props reminicent of those used on Nirvana's last tour ('93-'94). The band has over 80 Nirvana songs in their catalogue plus also offered is the entire MTV UNPLUGGED IN NEW YORK acoustic show which is now considered a classic amongs rock critics and Nirvana fans.