Intelescope Somewhere between the dueling guitar riffs of a rock show and the pounding rhythms of a rave lies a soundscape where Intelescope finds itself most at home. Playing all original music, this Madison, Wisconsin-based band balances the craft of composition with the power of improvisation by interweaving concise, melodic passages inside and out of aggressive, soaring jams. The result is an instrumental post-rock sound that serves as sweaty dance party mix-tape. In just one year, Intelescope has gone from occasionally jamming in their basement-practice room to playing at venues like Madison's Majestic Theatre and warming the stage for acts like Perpetual Groove and Lubriphonic. And it was never intended to move that quickly. Rhythm guitarist and co-founder Dan Plourde explains, "our vision from the beginning was to let the music dictate the pace of the band, and things just started falling into place."