Lissy Trullie
Lissy Trullie "Andy Warhol would have loved Lissy Trullie: Not only does she boast deadly downtown looks -- striking, model thin and with a penchant for bowler hats -- she's got the attitude and serious songwriting chops to match. Her dangerously cool tunes, which mash up dancey new wave, '60's girl-group sounds and the softer side of the Velvet Underground, hit upon the core aloofness that typifies most great New York rock. Simply put, Trullie's magnetism is the kind that can't be learned." -TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Last night's show felt like a big deal, with a massive mob clamoring for the door-girl's attention outside Le Royale before prettier-in-person fasionista-cum-songwriter Lissy Trullie took the stage. There was an elegance about Trullie's simple aesthetic, from the unadorned guitar work to her coy but monosyllabic lyrics, and she exuded a captivating vulnerability when her boyish voice grasped at higher pitches. Guitarist Eben D'Amico, formerly the bassist of New Jersey emo legends Saves the Day, colored Trullie's straightforward tact with clever but careful lead work. Pre-selected CMJ fave "Self-Taught Learner" was a highlight, as was a brisk take on Hot Chip's "Ready for the Floor." -SPIN.COM

"An hour later I'm watching Lissy Trullie's band and wondering why their "Ready For the Floor" cover isn't some kind of New York craze... ...their Velvets/Television pre-punk clean-tone three-chord stuff is more polished than you might've thought: they may be the one band I've seen all week to actually have hooks, which is almost bizarre if you think about it." -VILLAGE VOICE

"The strawberry blonde singer wore a 1950s black motorcycle jacket—imagine if Chryssie Hynde and Jim Carrol had a lovechild—and riffed on a vintage white '70 Fender Strat while singing girl-group inflected punk. During her short set, one of the amps started acting up. As the band kept pace, Lissy—in four-inch heels—ambled over to the fritzing speaker, fixed it with a bang a la the Fonz, and then noodled a short melodic solo." -NEW YORK PRESS

"You'll listen to "Self-Taught Learner" and swear it has to be at least 25 years old. Trullie's husky delivery and this version's scratchy, analog-sounding production give the tune a timeless, downtown NYC essence that's only amplified by Lissy's "Factory girl" looks". -SPIN.COM