Lipp Service
Lipp Service From Tacoma to San Francisco to Chicago to Los Angeles to New York, producer Eliot Lipp has always followed the music. Creating songs that, according to XLR8R, "tickle days after the last spin," he combines hip-hop influenced drum programming with the vintage synthesizer sounds found in the cutting edge electronic music of the 70s. Eliot’s hectic tour schedule puts him in front of fresh faces to showcase his ever-evolving skills. Now looking for the next evolution in his live show Eliot has launched his band Lipp Service. The concept is simple, live drums and bass along with Eliot's signature Live P.A. stylings. The product is a dynamic genre bending mix of musical styles with a heightened live concert experience. The backing members are Alex Botwin and Lane Shaw who together make up two thirds of live electronic mainstay's Pnuma Trio. The Pnuma guys are no strangers to the live music circuit having kept up a relentless touring schedule, which has taken them as far as Australia and Japan in the last few years.