Erin Mitchell Band
Erin Mitchell Band A young Erin Mitchell first started singing in church with her mother in Birmingham, Alabama; however it was not until later that she would find out she was a born performer and vocalist.

After college she headed to Northern Virginia where she began to take her musical career seriously. She became entrenched into the area's music scene performing regularly at various venues. Having made a name for herself in the local music scene, she felt it was time to get moving, and heeded a call for home. After considering all her options, Erin decided to settle in her hometown, Birmingham, with Northern Virginia musician Sam Gunderson. They performed regularly as a duo, until Sam was offered a spot playing guitar in the "Taylor Hicks Band". This band would later change to the "Little Memphis Blues Orchestra" during Taylor's American Idol run. Erin would receive national exposure sitting in and being booked with the "Little Memphis Blues Orchestra" gaining valuable experience and insight into her dream. It was then that she decided she was ready for her own band and ready to start her own musical career. The "Erin Mitchell Band" was born when some members of the "Little Memphis Blues Orchestra" joined Erin to develop a specific soulful sound true to the tradition of Muscle Shoals, Memphis, Chicago, and Motown. Her bluesy, soulful voice is ever maturing along with her composition and performance. From exciting new original music, to craftily engineered cover, the "Erin Mitchell Band" is a powerfully potent mix of Blues and Soul music, presented in a commanding show. Their momentum is compounding taking Birmingham by storm.