Deadman Flats
Deadman Flats Deadman Flats continues to stretch the limits of experimental bluegrass by injecting it with their own flavor of hard-edged acoustic deathpunk homegrown in their native Kansas. This explosively energetic string band catalyzes outrageous outbursts of dance and foot-stomping with their bouncy, up-tempo outlaw anthems about women, whiskey and the simple things in life. Those keeping tabs may find influences such as: rock and roll, punk, metal, old-time, blues, rockabilly or country intermingled with Deadman Flats' traditional bluegrass instrumentation. Deadman Flats' "anything goes" attitude enables them to identify with people in all walks of life. No matter what musical preferences one might have, chances are Deadman Flats has something that's right up your alley.

Deadman Flats is comprised of four boyhood friends from Kansas; Alex Law (guitar), Matt Stambaugh (mandolin), Pat Watt (banjo) and Hank Osterhout (bass). Deadman Flats first emerged on the scene in Lawrence, KS early 2006 as a late night party band. They soon earned themselves a cult following that enabled them to rapidly expand their presence throughout the Midwest. In Late 2011, Deadman Flats added an infamous new member to their lineup: the notorious blues harmonica icon, Brody Buster.

In their tenure, Deadman Flats has performed at hundreds of venues and festivals throughout the United States for enthusiastic audiences of all ages. Some of the more notable venues include: Crossroads (Kansas City), LIberty Hall (Lawrence, KS), Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom (Denver, CO), George's Majestic (Fayetteville, AR), Wakarusa Music Festival and Yonder Mountain String Band's Harvest Festival just to name a few. Deadman Flats has also traveled overseas to Europe, performing extensively in Belgium and Holland.