Agobi Project
Agobi Project It is in the darkest of times that the creative light of the collective human experience shines its brightest. As the challenges that face humanity grow with each passing moment, the desire and necessity to create and experience love and wholeness crystallizes more clearly in the hearts and minds of those ready to shed the negative thought patterns that currently limit human potential.Expanding the capacity to feel, understand, and appreciate the beauty, significance, and potential innately embedded in all points in (space)-time is a principal intention of Agobi Project' s music.

Incorporating organic and digital elements into a singular musical entity, Agobi Project embodies an artistic vision limited only by the boundaries of human thought and feeling. Seeking to uplift, unite, and inform, Agobi Project's original compositions filter elements of jazz, ambient drum n' bass, hip-hop, atmospheric dubstep, and glitch informed IDM through the trans-personal experiences of the trio. The aural experience is delicately balanced between composition and improvisation, premeditation and spontaneity, light and dark, past and future.

Since its conception in November, 2008, Agobi Project has embraced the spirit of the tightly knit community of music lovers through its live shows. Integrating state of the art electronics with live drums, and guitar, Agobi Project creates a high energy display of musical wizardry, both melodic and beat driven, listenable and danceable. Often combining multiple forms of intentional creation (live painting, wire wrapping, crystal displays, etc) into a single show, Agobi Project strives to create a positive, energizing, healing environment wherever it goes.