The Moshav Band
The Moshav Band The Israeli-born Moshav Band grew up on Moshav Meor Modiā€™im, a musical village located in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Their home, founded by the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, was and continues to be the birthplace of many Jewish songs enjoyed by the world over. The members of the Moshav Band were under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, while immersed in his musical world, often performing with him at his concerts.

Moshav, primarily composed of brothers Yehuda (vocals, percussion), Meir (vocals, guitar, mandolin) , Yosef (bass) Solomon, and David (vocals, guitar) comes on like a family of traveling minstrels, court jesters, and the old-age mystics all at once. Their music is rich with fiery rock/folk/reggae songs, spiced with the flavors of the Middle East. The boys draw you into their own struggles, and leave you pondering your own, but not before they provide you with a huge helping of hope.

Their powerful sound has been heard at music festivals and more intimate settings worldwide. Projects in which the Moshav Band has played an essential role include The Wake Up Tour (a Northern American Jewish Renewal project), and Israeli Block Parties, organized to increase Israel and Jewish awareness. Now based in Los Angeles, the band continues to ignite audiences throughout the US and worldwide.

Moshav looks forward to bringing their exhilarating blend of diverse musical style and original songs to your stage.