Fresh Hops
Fresh Hops A quartet hailing from Northwest Indiana with nearly 1000 shows under their young belts, Fresh Hops' sound has evolved at the same rapid pace as their fan base has grown. Through their five years as a band, these are guys who have always strived for being a well-oiled roadshow. Putting elastic, unpretentious fun at the core each time they take the stage, you get a different outcome depending on the stew of innovative originals and non-cookie-cutter takes on covers that the band chooses to be appropriate for that particular set. Their realization that jazz, classic soul, bluegrass, classical, metal and progressive jam rock can all shake hands and play nice has guided them to create remarkable tunes from an ever-expanding palette.

Stephan Cook- Violin/Vocals
Ian Gill-Bass Guitar/Vocals/Composing
Joseph Marcinek- Guitar/Keys/Composing/Vocals
Kevin Mardirosian- Drums/Vocals