dubious Well here we are.

dubious started with Adam rustling up some old & new material of his own (for once) and running it by some old & new friends. The results were pretty electric.

Since then, writing contributions have come from all sides. Some songs were written on the spot in rehearsals, even. The musicians in dubious have all been involved with numerous musical projects in varied genres (what the hell is "Screamo"??). So it's easy to believe we have nearly three albums worth of original material already and have been gigging steadily with the help of some booking friends we've kept over the years. We're hoping to land some local and festival gigs this spring and summer so keep an eye out and we'll see yous soon.

Heather: lead vox/whistles/anime
Adam: bass/vox/yarmulke
Aaron: keys/vox/blogs
Kevin: guitars/vids/corndogs
Tre: guitars/guitar tab/guitar hero
Dave: drums/vox/fast food