The Why Because
The Why Because A musical collective of an amorphous nature, The Why Because are improvisers, explorers, alchemists, and seekers of new realms... Group personnel has evolved over time since their inception in 2002, allowing for consistently variable interactivity with each new recording or live show. The improvising skills of key members have been honed through several years of playing together in various contexts stretching back as far as the mid-1990's.

Due to the improvised nature of their live sets, no two performances are ever alike, and they have shared the stage with a number of diverse artists, including Valet, Climax Golden Twins, Glenn Jones (Cul De Sac), The Drift, MV/EE (ex-Tower Recordings), Silver Summit, Good For Cows, Inca Ore, Odd Nosdam, O-Type, Eats Tapes, Moodring, irr. app. (ext)., Bunky, Triangle, Painted Cakes, Flying, (VxPxC), Voices, Bulbs, Wobbly, Father Murphy, Sean Smith, Capillary Action, The Loyd Family Players, and Nathan Hubbard.

Inspired by everything from avant-rock, jazz, dub, and traditional world musics to ambient and electronic music, cinematic scores, found sounds, noise, and experimental sound art, The Why Because utilize various improvisational and compositional approaches and an eclectic array of instrumentation (including some homemade percussive devices) to create an unusually textured and imaginative form of music which defies easy classification. Ultimately interested in fusing elements from various existing genres of music together in order to create new hybrid musical forms, they aim to create an organic, cosmic soundworld which exists at the crossroads of the ancient past and the distant future.

The Why Because have released 3 CDs on their own Musicshapes label, with a few more releases currently being prepared.