Elliott Murphy
Elliott Murphy 35 years have passed since the release of Elliott Murphy’s first album, the now-more-timely-than-ever, AQUASHOW in 1973. Since that time Elliott Murphy, singer-songwriter, rock troubadour, indefatigable road warrior (over 100 shows a year!) and prolific author of fiction has always proven his dedication to his music and his commitment to his growing legion of fans.

Elliott began his career by winning the New York State Battle of the Bands (1967) followed by a troubadour-like odyssey in Europe where he played on the streets in Amsterdam, Paris and Rome (1971) including a bit part in Federico Fellini’s film “Roma” (1972). Returning to the US he quickly secured a recording contract and following the critical success of AQUASHOW (1973) came in quick succession LOST GENERATION (1975) (Produced by Doors producer Paul Rothschild, 1975), NIGHT LIGHTS (featuring Billy Joel, 1976), JUST A STORY FROM AMERICA (featuring Phil Collins and Mick Taylor, 1977), and many other albums including a duo performance with Bruce Springsteen on SELLING THE GOLD (1996).

In 2006 the prestigious UK magazine UNCUT featured a full page article on AQUASHOW as an “album classic.” Murphy is also a published author of various collections of short stories, the most recently being CAFÉ NOTES (Hachette, 2002) and two novels COLD AND ELECTRIC (1990) and the neo-western POETIC JUSTICE (Hachette, 2005).

A long-time resident of Paris, France Murphy's thirtieth album NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND (2008) features 11 new original songs and Olivier Durand on Guitar with The Normandy All Stars and performances by keyboard legend Kenny Margolis and Elliott’s son Gaspard.