Clementine The Band Born with a Mission

Clementine member Jannel Rap's sister, Gina Bos, disappeared in 2000. Clementine emerged through Gina's disappearance. Their four separate identities fused into a sweet harmony with a rich blend of pop, roots, rock, country and folk with a built-in mission to find the missing.

Clementine is singer/songwriter Jannel Rap, Dana Woods, Jeffrey Wayne, Robert Parlee and Joe Lamanno. Each member has a long legacy of their own in the music and entertainment industry, but it was Jannel's mission that ultimately brought them together with a greater vision of Clementine Band being a champion for the missing and leading the cause in the annual Squeaky Wheel TourĀ®.

Squeaky Wheel TourĀ®, or SWT is a series of 100's of events for 19 days from Oct 17-Nov 4 in which artists all over the world profile missing people. Established in 2005, The SWT Squeaky Wheel Tour is organized by The GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation that was inspired by Jannel Rap, when she realized that if missing people do not have a suspect, scandal or media hook-in other words- if they vanish with out a story, their story will not be told. The foundation's mission is to utilize and create entertainment vehicles that become the hook for people, like Gina Bos, who simply vanish without a media hook. The GINA Foundation web casts many of their events while on the road allowing viewers to be engaged in both the Clementine shows as well as promoting the missing.

This band born with a mission set aside their musical identities to create a project to potentially make more noise than they could as individuals. Using their voices for those who had no voice from the inspiration of Gina for the sake of others Clementine tours the country promoting the names and faces of those who have gone missing. Clementine meets the families of the missing at every stop, profiles missing people wherever possible during their concerts, radio and TV interviews, print news and on the side of their tour bus.

The Reality Television Series

Clementine welcomes a film crew to document their travels for a reality series, entitled FINDing Gina. FINDing Gina is a story about a band on a mission to find one of their member's sister and in the meantime find other missing mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children. Clementine band born out of tragedy, rather than asking why this has happened, asked what can they do and asking is what their mission became. During SWT 2007, 100's of missing were profiled by Clementine and 100's of other artists. In 2007, thirty three missing people profiled by Clementine and supporting GINA Artists were found. Over three hundred people profiled by GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation and its supporters have been found since 2001. Not bad for a collection of independent artists. Imagine if artists from major labels agreed to profile just one local missing person at each of their events.