Psychedelphia Psychedelphia might be called a progressive jam-rock-fusion band. They might be called a psychedelic funk band. But the truth is that Psychedelphia just plays the music that they need to play without regard for the imaginary boundaries known as style. The sounds that Psychedelphia creates in a show are just as varied and numerous as the influences that have shaped their musical minds. It's this keen ability to "shape-shift and genre-morph" (Glide Magazine) that sets them apart from most acts and keeps fans returning to shows, always braced for a surprise.

While it is clear to these fans that Psychedelphia has great fun on stage, they work very hard off the stage to create and refine a musical language unlike any other group, dedicated to musical invention, skilled musicianship and pushing past any boundary they come across. Psychedelphia?s original music covers vast territory, from spacey psychedelic to blues, avant-garde rock to country bluegrass, electronic grooves at break-neck speeds to slow, simple, nasty funk. In all of this, they maintain a truly recognizable voice- tying all their sounds together with emotion, groove, and a good sense of humor.

Since their initial assembly in late 2008, Psychedelphia has taken an explosive launch onto the live music scene. In less than two years they have played countless shows, played prominent roles in multiple festivals throughout the Northeast, and embarked on several tours in support of their debut album, "Paradigm" (2010). Their dedication and musical prowess has been recognized by a rapidly growing fanbase, and major media outlets such as Relix, High Times, Glide and Music Connection Magazines.

In their travels, Psychedelphia has shared the stage with many known acts, some being close friends. Among these are Keller Williams, DJ Logic, Ozomatli, The Breakfast, The Mantras, Papadosio, Steve Molitz (Particle), Mike Rempel (Lotus), Mike Stern, Rodney Holmes, Marco Benevento, Willie Waldman, Juggling Suns, Brothers Past, and Elliot Levin.

Kenn Mogel: Guitar / Vocals
Scott Coulter: Keys / Vocals
John Olsen: Bass / Vocals
Adam Pasqueal: Percussion / Vocals