And The Moneynotes
And The Moneynotes From the outside, Scranton PA's And The Moneynotes can seem like a pretty schizophrenic musical entity. Ask around for a description of ATM's music, and you'll get a whole managerie of answers: folk, swing, burlesque, rock, gypsy, pretty & weird. But in the eye of that storm of sounds, the six personalities that make up And The Moneynotes are strongly focused. The fractured identity is just a by-product of their general openness in making music.

The prospect of pouring limitless influences into songwriting can seem like a messy one. But the distinction in the case of And The Moneynotes is the way that they blend these influences with a light touch, as opposed to accentuating the differences. The effect is a chorus-like presence in the band's music wherein Mike Williams (acoustic guitar), Roy Williams (piano), Setty Hopkins (drums), Brian Craig (percussion, mandolin), Mike Quinn (electric guitar), and Pat Finnerty (bass) echo the sounds and sentiments of American culture of the last century.

And The Moneynotes began in 2006 as Dr. Horsemachine & The Moneynotes. Based in Scranton, PA the band quickly caught the attention of audiences with their wild-eyed performances of original material that was immediately recognizable, yet never heard before. The breakneck bluegrass and bawdy country pop of their live sets became the foundation of their first release, This Year We Hunt (2007), a six song EP that only hinted at the band's range and potential. Prominently featured in these early sets and recordings were the first-class talents of brothers Coleman (violin) and Austin Smith (bass), founding members of the group. Both brothers left the band in due course, but not before leaving a musical stamp on the group that is still there today. New musical and personal evolutions yielded the eclectic full-length New Cornucopia! in 2008. And in early 2009, the band released an EP titled On The Town, On The Vine released in conjunction with Both of these records were collaborations with producer Nick Krill (The Spinto Band).

And The Moneynotes continually appear live around the country from SXSW in Austin TX to CMJ in New York City along side bands such as Ra Ra Riot, The Spinto Band, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Dr. Dog, These United States, Floating Action, Those Darlins, and Paleface among others. Their reputation increases with each outpouring performance.