Saltwater Grass
Saltwater Grass Hailing from Jacksonville Beach, FL., Saltwater Grass is a soulful mix of styles reflecting their diverse backgrounds and deep connection to their music. They mix a wide variety of styles that result in a genre that defies classification, but could comfortably be described as funk, blues, reggae, and afro beat. Their live shows are energetic, bouncy, and capture the upbeat, party vibe and jovial ambiance of their hometown. On the strength of their latest release, Out of the Everywhere, Saltwater Grass is proving themselves to be a mainstay on the musical circuit for years to come.

Formed in 2006, this sextet has released one album: full length diverse self titled album in 2009, and is in the process of recording their second full length album, Out of the Everywhere, which will be released in August. The Six piece band is made up of Rich Hansen (vocals, guitar), Ryan Daley (Lead guitar, vocals) Austin Johnston (bass) Jeff Hoff (Harmonica, Saxophone, Vocals) Juan Pablo Salvat (percussion) Nico Lembo (drums).

The Hard working group is a staple to the Florida music scene, and are playing festivals in and around the area including Bear Creek Music Festival, Spring Fest, and the Great Atlantic Seafood, Music Fest, and Blackwater Music Fest. Saltwater Grass has made an impact in cities all over Florida including Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, Jupiter, Tallahassee and St. Augustine and is planning to head to Georgia, the Carolinas, and up the East Coast as well. SWG has accomplished everything on their own as an independent band, and has had their name and CD reviews in national magazines like Hittin’ The Note, and Eastern Surf Magazine.

The band has recently recorded their second full length album, Out of the Everywhere, at the Retrophonics studio in St. Augustine, Fl with engineer Jim Divito, and will be promoting the album throughout the season.