Solomonic Sound System
Solomonic Sound System At the time Solomonic Sound really started working as a reggae sound system in 1997, Zacharijah Eberz was living in Burlington, Vermont and Rob Paine was in Philadelphia. While Zack established a weekly residency with bredrens Sean (Rude Boy) and Jason Friedman at JP's Pub in downtown Burlington, Rob was working dancehall into his hip hop sets at his weekly residency at Shampoo and Club 111 in Philly. Zack originally is from the suburbs of Philly where he and Rob grew up skateboarding and snowboarding as well as checking out shows at City Gardens In Trenton. They frequented City Gardens weekly for over 7 years to catch everything from Punk to Reggae to Hip Hop shows. A crucial band they both embraced and which was one of the early influences to their Rastafarian beliefs was the Bad Brains. Reggae music has been the backbone for them all the while. Even when they were not conscious of it as younger youths still. All the big tunes for them as kids were always some sort of reggae influenced song. The heavy bass and uplifting lyrics of reggae music they were hearing at the time had them wanting more. From there on out (Later 80'S) they completely indulged and took the love they had for reggae music and Rastafari and never turned back.

The two started djing 'house' music and 'soul' in the early 1990's and made good names for themselves on a international level. When not working as DJ's they were listening and collecting as much reggae they could get their hands on. The time was coming when they were ready to bust on the reggae scene as a sound system. That is when Rob had his events going in Philly and Zack had his in Burlington. The time came when Zack decided to make the move back to Philly in 2001 and the two became focused on really building the sound up properly. He joined Rob and Phil Graci (aka Fz ) and the MC Dub 2 at their already established weekly residency on Fridays at Filo's off of South St. in downtown Philly. Filo's was now the premier reggae club in Philadelphia housing both Solomonic and Federation Sounds.

As soon as Solomonic all got together again on regular events, they pushed each other to higher heights as a sound system. They are now one of the most in demand sounds in the city of Philadelphia. Already well known throughout the world as producers and DJ's for Worship Recordings helped them to establish gigs all around the United States, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica. Always spreading the universal message of love and unity through roots, culture and dancehall reggae music.

Solomonic has grown in size over the years since the sound first started, adding selectors Papa Fz, Roots, Chalice, El Feco B and most recently Dwight to the Philly crew.

Also being added was their arsenal of dubplates and specials they have been voicing since 1999. This in turn led to their building alongside Federation, the Philly Linkup Sound Clash which ran monthly for nearly 2 years. Solomonic faced their first sound clashes in events vs Striker Sound from NYC, and vs Stalwart Sound from Bermuda.

Solomonic opens up for most of the major culture artists and groups that pass through the Philadelphia area and continues to hold down a packed house at Bubblehouse every Friday night, keeping that Friday reggae vibe going on 8 years now.

They have also held residencies at Silk City in Philly for their monthly 'Oneness' event and on Sundays in South Beach, Miami at The Marlin,

Solomonic also dabbles in promotions and events for artists they are trying to bring to the masses and that they truly believe in, including Midnite from St Croix, Lee Perry & The Mad Professor, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Johnny Osborne, Norrisman, Terry Ganzie, Philly's own El Feco B, new artist Nekia, and many more. But their true calling and the place they are most content at is behind the decks or mixing console.

In 2007, A Selectors Choice : EL FECO B & Family was released. A full length mixed album featuring Philadelphia's top ranking artist El Feco B performing original, never before recorded songs over foundation riddims. Over 10 additional Philly artists make appearances on the album.

2007 also saw the official linkup of Zacharijah with artists Ras Mikey and Lion Fiyah, to solidify the Hawaii division of Solomonic. They recently completed the Kings Hi-Way Tour of the west coast, and are busy in the studio and playing events around the islands.

In the year them call Two Thousand and Love, Solomonic is making moves in many different areas. Deciding to bring the legendary Friday sessions to a rest for a while, Thursday nights now showcase a Live Webcast direct from Solomonic in Philly.

Longtime Philly bredrin Dwight has also officially joined us as a selector, and is establishing the first Jamaica extension of Solomonic in the parish of St Thomas, at the The Source Farm ecovillage.

Be sure to check out for current news on all events (Philly, Vermont, Los Angeles, & Honolulu), recorded live dances & studio mixes for purchase and sound system rentals. One.