Jerry's Little Band
Jerry's Little Band Jerry's Little Band is a Cincinnati based jamband playing Grateful Dead, Phish, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones & Jerry Garcia Band to name a few. We have been together since 1994 and can be found playing regularly around the Greater Cincinnati area. Jerry's Little Band is : Chris Perme-Guitar & Vocals, Jeff Monroe-Drums & Vocals, Max Monks-Keyboards & Vocals, Tom Callahan-Bass & Vocals & Andrew Newbold-Guitar & Vocals. Five members that all sing and add their own flavor the the musical stew. The band goes back to the Early 80's with members from local jambands of the past, Speedway Boogie, Crazy Fingers, Curve West, The Spookfloaters, Wildweeds, Slamhammer & Backstreet to name a few. It's sure been a long strange trip but it's great to be playin' in the band. Your favorite Grateful Dead songs, interesting segues and improvisional jams make Jerry's Little Band worth the trip every time.