Kentavius Jones
Kentavius Jones Kentavius Jones grew up in a house filled with music. Some of his earliest memories include listening to Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix on vinyl with his father. “I remember being fascinated with the extensive collection of sounds & tunes he had.”

At age 10, Kentavius moved to Easton, Maryland. As the new kid, Kentavius felt isolated so he spent much of his time creating art. By the time Kentavius started high school, he had emerged from his shell. Full of creative energy and interested in studying music, Kentavius developed a strong determination to become an accomplished musician. He submerged himself in a sea of sound, focusing on discovering new music. Through choral singing and classical guitar lessons, Kentavius learned the fundamentals of writing, playing guitar, and singing.

In 2003, Kentavius started his first band and as the lead vocalist and guitarist, honing his unique brand of soulful rock while developing a swoon-worthy stage presence. Currently, Kentavius is recording his debut album in Los Angeles, and can be seen live playing shows on both the West Coast and East Coast.