Bob and Pricilla
Bob and Pricilla Originally formed in the Chicago-land area, Bob and Pricilla began Folkin' up the music scene in 2008. Immediately after this acoustic duo began writing songs together, they made a bee-line to the recording studio. While there, Bob Salihar (formerly of The Giving Tree Band and Oucho Sparks) and Pricilla Wallis had a hand in producing their first album Bob and Pricilla's Folk Revolution. With their insightful and self-reflective lyrical stylings, accompanied by an uncompromising string section, Bob and Pricilla churn out their original "new old-timey" compositions. They love dense bluegrass instrumentation, but when it comes down to it, this duo is really all about the songs. With standout tracks like "Mary's Highway" and "Till Tomorrow" don't be surprised if you find Bob and Pricilla at the top of the folk music scene and beyond.

With their album completed, Bob and Pricilla began performing at venues all over the mid-west. From caf├ęs and clubs to festivals, Bob and Pricilla balance acoustic instruments with breathtaking melodies in any venue. As if this guitars & vocals duo doesn't offer enough, they also love to bring on guest musicians to form a denser ensemble depending on the event. With stage presence and experience under their belts these two are sure to be a favorite at any showcase.