The Screaming Walls (formerly Grooveshire)
The Screaming Walls (formerly Grooveshire)    Grooveshire's dedication to quality song writing makes them one of Cincinnati's premier original acts. When Chris Melfi and Jason Mollette founded the group more than five years ago, they envisioned a band based on companionship, free spirit, and drive. Although Mollette and Melfi experienced a multitude of changes and experiences over the years, they continued to be considered two of the region's most unique and determined musicians. When seasoned guitarist Jacob Jones joined the band in Late 2006, the group quickly blossomed their powerful blues-rock swagger into something completely unique and unparalleled to the Cincinnati music scene. With the recent additions of Bryan Berwanger (bass) and Atlanta, Georgia native Stephen Bashada (drums), Grooveshire's music and repuatuion has contiunued to grow. Both Bashada and Berwanger bring a unique flare and style to an Americana compilation based on powerful soul, rock and blues!