Cast of Clowns
Cast of Clowns Believe it and Not

Cast of Clowns set up the big top on holy grounds, where they juggle songs, work live with wild jams, and perform high in the air. A converging of talents immersed in reverent irreverence, the Cast of Clowns fun machine consists of psychedelic tricksters who helped create the jamband world as well as emerging voices of what's to come.

Formed around new original material of short story/song writer, Craig Wright, (Redemption Center), Greg Anton, (Zero), and Robert Hunter, (Grateful Dead), the Cast features Jeff Pevar, (guitarist for Crosby Stills and Nash, Phil and Friends, Jazz is Dead and Ray Charles), as well as Melvin Seals, (famed organist of The Jerry Garcia Band). Good friends hang out in clown alley as well. Grateful Dead's Bill Kreutzmann played the entire show at the Clowns' last performance at Oregon Country Fair.

The Clowns keeps new and original material center ring. Surprises thrill and delight. Edges are pushed then blurred. Mysteries are celebrated. Then the warmth of a gentle, or not-so-gentle, ballad begins to billow the circus tent.