Krts 1984, Halloween night and the young Kurtis Hairston is ready to put on his Go-Bots costume. Escaping the McDonalds drive-in with a happy meal, a blue Chevet carrying the happy four-year-old black male, and his father driving, "Hey Kurt, I have something you're gonna like.", his father says with a hint in his voice that the cassette he is placing inside the deck is going to blow the four-year-old child's mind. Kurtis's eyes not able to read yet, gazed over the words, " Who's Afraid of: The Art of Noise?" title. The first track he hears comes on with haunting samples, distortions, and melodies that are soft and manipulated. The song sounds like a garage with power tools creating music to the boy. His mind ventures through realms he's never viewed inside his mind. His heart races with excitement, and an energy never spoken before. He clenches harder to the empty cassette case and it became the basis behind his side of electronic music. And then, is how it began.

These days, the matured young man holding on to his listening and appreciation of electronic, jazz, classical music and all sorts of rock's most experimentive success and sounds performs his live indie-electronic/hiphop original music inside Brooklyn, New York and around the U.S. Krts knows it takes more than standing next to a laptop on stage and gives to his audiences a live performance, live editing, live creations of a bob-your-head-to-the-beat sound unheard of in today's indie-electronic instrumental hip-hop, and includes on-the-fly remixes and a commanding much-talked-about stage presence. With his live sets running continuous to maintain the movement of the crowd, Krts can easily mix, surprise and experiment in his ambient twist of tones and melodies, uniquely conjured to control the audience joy and expectation; one moment they are dancing, the next they are wiping theirbrows, clamoring over one another for more.

Today, New York's top "whats going on" paper for NYC's everlasting 24 hour entertainment, listed Krts's style of music and performance as "A blend of hip-hop electronica à la Radiohead and Sonic Youth" By Araceli Cruz, The Village Voice.

Krts creates and performs as a fresh breath of new cinematic sounds and performance rarely found in today's indie-electronic music scene.