Vision If AC/DC and Joan Jett were to have a child, and allow Van Halen, Motley Crue and Metallica to babsysit frequently, the result would be "Vision". Vision’s sound is influenced by classic and 80’s rock/blues rock, with a touch of modern rock mixed in. Having a female front the band gives a nice twist to the traditional feel. The band prides themselves on thoughtful, melodic lyrics layered over hard driving rhythms.

Vision was formed by David Vignola (guitar) and Juliette "Jules" Vignola (bass, vocals) in 2006. While they looked for band members they began writing the early songs which would eventually go on the first CD. After several lineup and name changes, the current lineup including Joe Johnston (keys, guitar), Diane Calano (drums) and Michelle Privée (lead vocals) was completed around February 2008. Once the band was assembled, they started recording immediately, completing their first CD "No Regrets" in May 2008. Vision has since hit the road playing local gigs in the Connecticut area and building a strong fan base.

While Vision does have a unique underlying feel to their music, every song is completely different:

· "Rock Starr" is about quitting your day job to become a rock star
· "Line in the Sand" is about standing up for what you believe in
· "Party Song" is a good time rock song
· "Into the Void" is a first person account of Saddam Hussein’s entry into Hell
· "Freedom" is about fleeing an abusive relationship
· "Don’t touch My Guitar" is a fun account of what happens when an unruly fan tries to mess with our gear at a gig

"No Regrets" is more than an album, it's a philosophy embraced by all members of Vision. Through good times and bad, we know that our experiences made us who we are, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and looking back, we have NO REGRETS!