The Resignators
The Resignators A Rock, Reggae, Ska band from Melbourne, Australia.

Drawing influences from a wide range of genre’s to coin their own individual sound The Resignators are; Francis Harrison (Vox), Ellen Morabito (trombone / flute), Dittman (Trumpet / vox), Chris Solaoras (Guitar / vox), Michael (drums) and Naf (bass). This line up has been together since 2007 with the addition of Michael on drums in 2008. Through this solid line up The Resignators have been tearing up venues around Australia and are now set to take on the rest of the world.

Since 2005 The Resignators have released 2 EP’s, which have since sold out of their original pressings. With a number of national tours under their belts, The Resignators have graced stages with artists such as; Fishbone(USA), Crowned king (Canada), The Porkers, Area 7, Anti Nowhere League (UK) and Bertha Control as well as the plethora of local acts around the country, all part of Australia’s healthy yet under appreciated independent music scene.

“Ska's not dead according to The Resignators. and if it is, they're damn well gonna resurrect it (after all, it's comeback for three full-scale revivals already, so it's really a matter of time). With no desire to buy into the gothic fashions of the current climate, or tap into the doom and gloom aesthetic that continues to invade the punk scene, The Resignators might seem a little old hat in their continued use of up strokes and a horn section. But with a focus on writing damn great songs and delivering them with panache, this fun sextet from Melbourne are defying the trends”

Blunt Magazine 2007

“You got me thinking was the Resignators debut EP released independently in 2006, their first foray into the studio has been selling steadily with several re-pressings. Renowned for their dirt cheap cd’s and merchandise, it’s a rare occasion for any punter to leave a show empty handed.

Drawing its name from a Futurama quote, Blackjack ‘n’ Hookers kicks off this six-song EP. It’s an exuberantly energetic number that captures the infectiousness of the band’s live show. The horn line that opens the next track (Alone In The Crowd) is sharp as a tack, and front man Francis and (former) drummer ‘Cinta then trade lyrics over a sweet ska riff before the full bodied chorus.

Owen Heitmann Rip It Up Magazine

Shortly after the success of You got me thinking, The Resignators headed to sunny Brisbane to record their second EP, Offbeat Feeling, with the aid of producer Stuart Stuart, (Veronicas, Small Mercies), The Resignaors honed their craft with more refined song composition and a soirée into the business world of music. This turning point in their career has seen The Resignators shift from another local ska band to one of the countries finest live acts playing their catchy tunes with an unmistakable style and energy which has earned them respect and adoration around Australia.

“Offbeat Feeling is an exciting blend of ska, reggae, rock and punk sounds that manage to work brilliantly together when they probably shouldn’t. Every track is a delight to listen to...”

Christopher Anderson Radio PBS

2008 will see the release of The Resignators debut album, Time Decays, with the help of producer Kalju Tonuma, (Bodyjar, 28 Days, Mavis’s), Time Decays is anticipated for release in mid 2008. This album shows another great leap forwards for The Resignators proving the band’s abilities as song writers, whilst capturing the passion and urgency of their live shows.

With a brand spanking new album just about to hit the shelves, The Resignators are already confirmed for Rebellion Festival (UK) and Mighty Sounds Festival (Czech Republic), as well as dozens of other shows around Australia, Europe and the UK.

The Resignators are ready to take on the world, whether the world likes it or not.