Sidecar Radio
Sidecar Radio Sidecar Radio is a six legged bombastic juggernaut of rock, armed with dynamic grooves in each holster, and hook laden melodies strapped across the chest. It was born in Portland, Maine in the summer of 2002. Singer/Songwriter Christian Hayes had toured the northeast college and coffee shop scene performing solo acoustic shows for a few years, releasing an album and gaining an extensive fan base mainly through word of mouth exposure. When it was time to take the next step, Hayes knew it had to be electric. It had to be a band. The band began as mostly Hayes’ solo work re-written for the band, and the guys took to the New England circuit performing as The Christian Hayes Element, and shortly after as simply the Element. The band found themselves soon performing throughout the Northeast to eager crowds, traveling to Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusettes, and Canada, sharing the bills with established acts such as Paranoid Social Club, As Fast As, Lake Trout, State Radio, Badfish, Spookie Daly Pride, Averi, The Big Wu and Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root. As time progressed, so did the band’s sound, and the Element became Sidecar Radio: A louder, energetic hand grenade of rock, streamlined into the unique sound that is the band’s trademark. Ruckus-filled live shows have made them a favorite not only in their hometown of Portland, Maine, but all over New England. Now, years later and hundreds of shows past, Sidecar has evolved into a finely-tuned, hard hitting machine of iron-clad work ethic and infectious, charged, dynamic songwriting and live performances.